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Dongfeng 6m3 LPG Tanker Filling Dispenser Bobtail Truck
LPG Bobtail Truck is from 5m3 to 30m3 (2.5ton to 15ton) available.
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Dongfeng 6m3 LPG Tanker Filling Dispenser Bobtail Truck

LPG Bobtail Truck is from 5m3 to 30m3 (2.5ton to 15ton) available.


LPG truck (also called truck mounted LPG tanker, LPG tanker truck, LPG tank truck, LPG delivery truck, LPG truck mounted transport tank, LPG truck tank, LPG road tanker truck) is used to transport liquefied petroleum gas, such as propane, liquid ammonia, dimethyl ether (DME), isobutene, etc.
LPG transport tank truck also can be used as a mobile gas stationto refill cylinders or cars  after equipped with gas dispenser, LPG gas pump.
The LPG tanker material uses Q345R steel for high pressure tanker, which is anti-corrosive and keeps a good stability at low or high temperature.
LPG tanker trucks are basically equipped with safety valve, emergency shut-off valve, thermometer, pressure gauge for the safety use.

Truck Specification
Cab Single row cab, with power steering.,with a/c
Driving Type 4*2 Left hand driving OR Right hand drive
Overall dimension(mm) 5995*2430*3450
GVW( kg) 15000
Wheelbase(mm) 4700
Tire 9.00-20 (6+1)
Gear box 6-speed
Bridge Front axle 5T
Rear axle 10T
Enging Model B170-33
Fuel Type Diesel fuel
Type Water-cooled four-stroke,, direct injection, turbocharged
Exhaust(ml) 5700
Max output power/rotate speed (hp /rpm ) 170/2500
Braking  system Service Brake Compressed air brake
Park Brake Spring energy
Auxiliary brake engine exhaust brake
Eletric system 24v
LPG TANK  specification
Design specific gravity 0.42 Kg/L
Tank material Q345R
Tank Designed thickness End cover 9.35mm
Tank body 9.37mm
Design temperature 50 0C
working temperature 20~50 0C
Corrosion allowance 1.0mm
Designed pressure 1.77Mpa
Hydraulic test pressure 2.30MPa
Leak test pressure 1.77Mpa
Heat treatment Wholly get rid of stress
Use Years Ten years
LPG dispenser Function Dispenser LPG to LPG cylinder or other LPG truck
Flow rate 10 ~ 60L/min
Max working pressure 2.5Mpa
LPG pump Function Delivery and pump LPG
Flow rate 30-80L/min
Working pressure 1.60Mpa
Liquid level meter Type Rotary
Model YWG-2.5
Nominal pressure PN2.5Mpa
Surveying range 50-2300mm
Precision 2.5Grade
Emergency cutting valve Type Gas phase QCJ43F-2.5-8
Liquid phase QCJ43F-2.5-7
Nominal pressure PN2.5Mpa
Nominal diameter Gas phase DN25mm
Liquid phase DN50mm
Operation way Fluid pressure
Closing time ≤10 Sec
Melting switch temperature 70±5°C
Safe valve Type A412F-2.5-16
Model Inner full lift
Nominal pressure PN2.5 MPa
Nominal diameter DN50
Opening pressure 1.7MPa
Closing pressure 1.86-1.94MPa
Complete opening pressure <2.12 MPa
Loading and unloading device Valve type Gas phase YKAG-3.3-6
Liquid phase YKAG-3.3-7
Model Quick tie-in
Nominal Diameter Gas phase DN25mm
Liquid phase DN50mm
Pressure meter YN-100T
Temperature gauge WTQ-280
Other equipment
1.double tool box
2.double valve box
3.double Emergency Cut-off Valve
4.single pipe liquid out
5.both side loading and unloading